An Acquired Taste | Mindful Hunters convene for a Screening in B.C., Canada
Dedicated to promoting the 70 min award-winning documentary, An Acquired Taste, Produced and directed by Vanessa LeMaire.
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Mindful Hunters convene for a Screening in B.C., Canada

Mindful Hunters convene for a Screening in B.C., Canada

An Acquired Taste will be playing in British Columbia, Canada, on November 4th, 2017. A panel of three mindful hunters will discuss the film and their work after the screening.

Dean Wall – Dean is an avid yogi, gatherer, and hunter. He endeavors to treat all life and the earth with reverence and gratitude. In his spare time he mentors people by using a heart-based approach to hunting and gathering, connecting people with the earth through their food and medicine.

Ben Carson – Ben is continuing the tradition of animal ethics, with a passion for education, sustainability & compassion. He is the co-owner of Legendary Meats with over 15 years experience in the industry.

Bob Yetter – Worked as the Assistant Director of the University of Montana’s Wilderness Institute, (1989–1999), overseeing their interdisciplinary outdoor program, “Wilderness and Civilization.” He moved to the north Kootenay Lake area in 1999 and now teaches “Holistic Hunting” – a 16-hour course exploring the practical and philosophical aspects of hunting, with an emphasis on the spiritual responsibilities of taking life to sustain life.

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