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Dedicated to promoting the 70 min award-winning documentary, An Acquired Taste, Produced and directed by Vanessa LeMaire.
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About the film

Ashlie, age 13

Nick, age 12

Alex, age 13

An Acquired Taste is an award-winning documentary following three urban teens from non-hunting families, who unplug, take up arms, and show their parents what it means to responsibly put food on the table. You’ll meet Ashlie, age 13, the animal-lover who believes hunting is more humane than factory farming, Nick, a fatherless twelve-year old who follows his mentor’s footsteps for the ultimate protein and Alex a determined child fascinated by bow-hunting.

Official Selection San Francisco Green Film Festival

Official Selection Santa Cruz Film Festival  

Official Selection BendFilm

Official Selection Austin Film Festival

Official Selection American Conservation Film Festival

Official Selection Devour! Food & Film Festival

Winner Best Youth Film at Eugene International Film Festival

Official Selection Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Official Selection Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Official Selection Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

Official Selection International Wildlife Film Festival

Official Selection Earth Day Film Festival

Official Selection Bentonville Film Festival

Official Selection Deconstructing Dinner Film Festival

Official Selection Red Rock Film Festival

What people are saying


“An extraordinary and highly unusual documentary film”
Jerry Kay, EarthNews Journal

This film has a character richness you don’t typically associate with documentaries. Bon Appétit.”
Chuck Jaffee: ‘An Acquired Taste’ worth a bite, THE UNION

“Vanessa LeMaire’s feature debut is a profound reflection on what makes us human.

An Acquired Taste, by Scott Staats, PORTLAND TRIBUNE

“A stunning and moving film, full of humor and humanity”
Laureline Amanieux, French Writer, Documentary Filmmaker

No matter how you feel about hunting or even about eating meat, you cannot help but rejoice
Documentary review by Mark Taylor, KQED TV