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Dedicated to promoting the 70 min award-winning documentary, An Acquired Taste, Produced and directed by Vanessa LeMaire.
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Don't miss a bite! Check out the film's reviews and interviews of the director.
Earth News Journal Podcast Vanessa Lemaire Jerry Kay
``An extraordinary and highly unusual documentary film`` Film Director Interview by Jerry Kay, EarthNews Journal

Film Producer/Director gets Interviewed on the radio

Chuck Jaffee: ‘An Acquired Taste’ worth a bite, December 23, 2016

``This film has a character richness you don’t typically associate with documentaries. Bon Appétit.``

An Acquired Taste, by Scott Staats, PORTLAND TRIBUNE, Tuesday, 04 October 2016

``Vanessa LeMaire’s feature debut is a profound reflection on what makes us human.``

Film documents a responsible young consumer approach to hunting, by Gary Lewis, BendBulletin, Oct 5, 2016

``In this film, a rural kid and a suburbanite could sit side by side and understand each other a little better.``

Documentary review by Mark Taylor, KQED

``No matter how you feel about hunting or even about eating meat, you cannot help but rejoice``

New York Times Western Edition Arts Insert

Perhaps this year's most surprising entry: the world premiere of Vanessa LeMaire's ``An Acquired Taste.`` ``It's about a group of teens concerned with factory farming, coming from a place of mindfulness, who want to connect with their food and learn to hunt,`` says Caplan. ``It's pro-hunting and pro-gun, definitely an unexpected discovery for a green festival.`` She forsees a heated discussion following the screening. Article ``Dance, Film, Drama: Three Intruiging April Picks`` by Jean Schiffman


Ce film qui traite donc d'un sujet assez atypique, celui d'un retour à la chasse parmi les adolescents urbains contre l'industrie fermière, ne manquera pas soulever de nombreuses questions auxquelles Vanessa, présente à la projection, pourra répondre.

WSFF Vanessa LeMaire – An Aquired Taste2017 Wild & Scenic Film Festival Media Lounge

Posted by Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival on Saturday, January 14, 2017