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Dedicated to promoting the 70 min award-winning documentary, An Acquired Taste, Produced and directed by Vanessa LeMaire.
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Provide “first glimpse” to your community

An Acquired Taste is a unique, unprecedented film that supplies nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and community organizations an easy-to-use resource to lead positive common-ground seeking discussions around hunting with audiences from all perspectives, non-hunter and hunter communities, preservationists and conservationists, vegans and meat eaters. A must for any outdoor sport or field-to-table related event seeking to increase understanding, dialogue, and coalition among participants.

Host your own screening

The National On-Line Premiere will not happen until September 1st, 2017.  Yet your organization – if focused on conservation, hunting, food or education – might be eligible to get a “first-glimpse” license to host a screening and inspire the people in your community.

” The ancient act of acquiring our food from the wild is missed by generations of urbanites. LeMaire follows a new breed of youth who are yearning for connection to their food source, the search of an ethical kill and reunion with the wild from which we came. This film is just as much a human journey and coming-of-age story as it is a documentary pursuing the path of sustainable food. Moments of humor and humanity are well-weaved by LeMaire.” Allen Meyers, Earth Day Film Festival


Boost dialogue and attendance at your events by holding a screening. And if you are lucky, perhaps someone on the crew might even be available on the dates of your show?

Improve your outreach campaign with this irresistible film. Become a partner and provide unreleased content to your members.

Support your instructors by providing them a chance to show this film to their students.

Raise more cash: prove to your donors that there is a growing demand for more educational programs, by showing this film at your next fundraising event.

About the film

Ashlie, age 13

Nick, age 12

Alex, age 13

An Acquired Taste is an award-winning documentary following three urban teens from non-hunting families, who unplug, take up arms, and show their parents what it means to responsibly put food on the table. You’ll meet Ashlie, age 13, the animal-lover who believes hunting is more humane than factory farming, Nick, a fatherless twelve-year old who follows his mentor’s footsteps for the ultimate protein and Alex a determined child fascinated by bow-hunting.

Official Selection San Francisco Green Film Festival

Official Selection Santa Cruz Film Festival 

Official Selection BendFilmOfficial Selection Austin Film Festival
Official Selection American Conservation Film Festival
Official Selection Devour! Food & Film Festival
Winner Best Youth Film at Eugene International Film Festival
Official Selection Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Official Selection Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Official Selection Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
Official Selection International Wildlife Film Festival
Official Selection Earth Day Film Festival
Official Selection Bentonville Film Festival

What people are saying


“An extraordinary and highly unusual documentary film”
Jerry Kay, EarthNews Journal

This film has a character richness you don’t typically associate with documentaries. Bon Appétit.”
Chuck Jaffee: ‘An Acquired Taste’ worth a bite, THE UNION

“Vanessa LeMaire’s feature debut is a profound reflection on what makes us human.

An Acquired Taste, by Scott Staats, PORTLAND TRIBUNE

“A stunning and moving film, full of humor and humanity”
Laureline Amanieux, French Writer, Documentary Filmmaker

No matter how you feel about hunting or even about eating meat, you cannot help but rejoice
Documentary review by Mark Taylor, KQED TV

How Licensing works

We offer a tiered licensing and pricing system to make the film accessible to all types of organizations. The Screening Kit includes an unlimited public performance license at one facility—contact us about purchasing multiple kits at a discount. As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support to keep producing great documentaries and making them available to the public. Keep in mind you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate license to show the film at your institution.

If you have any questions, please read our Licensing FAQ